ChillZouk Holidays
in Poland
29 May - 02 June 2020

4 days & nights of pure social dancing - no classes!

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in Poland
29 May - 02 June 2020


We would like to invite you to ChillZouk Holidays 3rd Edition in Poland 29 May – 02 June 2020!

Coming here, you can enjoy 4 days & nights of pure social dancing – no classes! Chill out while bonding with new & old friends! You will try traditional Polish food! Whether you’ve just started learning Brazilian Zouk or teaching it, you will have a great time!

Be part of the most EPIC Brazilian Zouk dance school gathering! And if you aren’t part of a dance school, you’re still welcome too! One of our goals is bringing dancers & dance schools all closer together! We strive to be the most beginner friendly and welcoming dancers of all levels to join in the fun!

Take this great opportunity while you are here to explore the beautiful nature & forest areas in the center of the Polish mountains! 🙂

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Creating Your Perfect Dance Experience

We have 2 huge dance floors that offer very generous space and will never be overcrowded. The indoor and outdoor dance floors are fitted with high quality wooden and tiled surfaces. Enjoy dancing through sunsets, under the stars, and until the sun rises!

We own and use top quality sound systems to ensure you are getting the best sounds because we really understand how inaudible, depthless and poor bass sound systems could ruin the dance experience!

We work with lighting specialists to create and set your evening moods by utilising professional lightings and laser technologies.

Combining with the above to create the perfect dance experience, our DJs has an important responsibility to feel and adapt to the dancers who are on & off the dance floor. We promise a mixture of all Zoukable music types that explores high & low energy flow to tickle different emotional states so you can explore further with every dance partner!

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Dance... eat... chill... repeat...!!!

This event is an all-inclusive packaged event. You'll get to enjoy all of these with your FULL PASS!

✅ All-In-One Place!

Set in a beautiful location up in the mountains of Ustron, Poland. The accommodation, dance floor and meals are all served within the hotel Gwarek. While you are here, go for a stroll and enjoy the fresh nature air.

✅ Indoor & Outdoor Dance Floors!

You’ll be enjoying the fresh air while dancing outside on wooden dance floors that we will have installed specially for this event. Inside we have a huge huge huge dance floor space when we take the party inside!

✅ 18 Hours Of Music Per Day!

MUSIC IS KEY! Top DJ’s playing a wide range and mixture of all flavours, from Zouklambada, Rnb, Hip-hop, Pop, Lyrical, dubstep, and more! So no matter what you like dancing to, you will get to experience all sorts of energies and vibes!

✅ Limited To 150 Spots With Equal Ratio!

We’ve increased from 124 spots last year (now 150)! We limit this to ensure plenty of space for you to enjoy your dances! We aim to maintain an equal proportion of men and women!

✅ All Meals & Drinks

You’ll be served 2 main meals per day, breakfast & supper. There are unlimited water, tea, coffee and snacks. Seriously, you will never be hungry, there will always be plenty of food served at all times!

✅ Represent Your Dance School!

And if you aren’t part of a dance school, you’re still welcome too! We encourage building friendships with teachers & students of other dance schools!

✅ Outdoor BBQ! *SPECIAL*

This was one of the major highlights of last year. We will be throwing an outdoor barbecue and dancing outdoor through the night in the gazebo!

✅ Chocolate Fountain! *SPECIAL*

Everyone loves the chocolate fountain fondue with fresh cut summer fruits! After burning so much calories from dancing, this is the perfect treat!

✅ Secret Surprises! *SPECIAL*

We're working on bringing you even more unique experiences that will blow your mind and remember it forever! Watch this space!

✅ Keep Smiling! 😊📸

We have a great media coverage team who are ready to capture the essence of your dance and rich moments with friends!

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Your Team

Every amazing dance event needs a strong team behind it. It’s all thanks to these incredible people that makes it magical!

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